Worldwide projects that showcase our expertise and knowledge

These are only some of the wide range of work packages we undertake:

  • External and internal rotorcraft installations including FLIR, searchlight units, antennas,
  • seats, avionics fits, door mechanisms, vertical reference doors, floor tie-down systems
  • Airbus A320 Series Interior Reconfigurations, including seats, galleys, general monuments
  • Major STC support on TCAS II antenna and system installation
  • Boeing 747 Interiors Reconfiguration including seating, galleys, toilets etc.
  • Airbus A400M and A380 wing fixed trailing edge structure
  • Fighter aircraft external fuel tank installation
  • BAe 146 Atmospheric Research Aircraft mod, including crew seat, oxygen system, external instrumentation, in-flight research equipment racks and mission consoles
  • RJ & 146 Life Extension Programme fatigue and damage tolerance support
  • Ageing Aircraft evaluations and modifications
  • Bespoke and fleet service repairs on aircraft and helicopter platforms
  • Medivac / Casevac internal cabin configuration for Swedish Air Force Super Puma 332L helicopters, for ISAF role
  • Aircraft VIP seat installation
  • Avionics and control system installations
  • Test rig configuration and structural assessment for B787 interior monuments
  • Aircraft component reverse engineering